Oil change in automatic transmission

So, if you went to our page, then it's time to change the fluid in the automatic transmission . But, as a rule, this always raises a lot of questions. To get more tips, please read: too much transmission fluid effects

How often should the automatic transmission oil be changed?

Most modern cars use synthetic oils designed for 50-60 thousand kilometers. 50 thousand km, if the car is used more in urban conditions, where acceleration and braking are constantly present, and 60 thousand km if most of the mileage falls on long trips.

Intervals change the oil in the automatic transmission should be reduced in the following cases:

· if the car often tows heavy trailers, other cars or drives a lot with a heavy load;

· if there was an overload of the automatic transmission, its overheating, a temporary transition to emergency mode without other obvious symptoms of malfunctions;

· if the automatic transmission experiences frequent loads from off-road driving with long slips, it is operated in high-speed mode with maximum acceleration;

· when, when checking the oil and its level, a foreign suspension, small fractions is detected, a strong darkening of the oil and a burning smell are observed. In this case, it will not be superfluous to make automatic transmission diagnostics

What kind of oil do I need for my car? I was told at the company service that you only need to fill in the original liquid.

Each manufacturer of automatic gearboxes has oil tolerances for a particular transmission. And they must be strictly adhered to. It is also important to choose a quality oil manufacturer. You should not chase a low price, because recycled oils are often behind this (roughly speaking, refined mining with the addition of additives). Also, in my opinion, you should not buy "only the original". The carmakers themselves do not produce oils, they just pour them into their original packaging, which leads to an unjustified overpayment.

To summarize, then - the oil for the automatic transmission must correspond to the tolerances for the automatic transmission and must be produced by a quality manufacturer (not necessarily the original).

I don't know that I had an automatic machine in the box. Or: the previous time I was poured with a different liquid than the one offered at the service. Will there be a conflict of oils?

Will not be! All oils have the same base and therefore mixing them does not lead to any conflict.

Do I need to change the oil in the automatic transmission? I was told that while the box is working, it is better not to go in there, or it is there for the entire service life.

Various additives are present in the automatic transmission fluid, which provide the oil with lubricating properties, cooling, washing, etc. Over time, additives are produced and the oil loses its quality. By changing the fluid in the automatic transmission, you thereby extend the life of your box!

What replacement do I need: standard (partial) or complete (with the device connected)?

If the car undergoes regular automatic transmission service and the oil is not too worn out, then a partial replacement is sufficient. If you do not know when the oil changed or it changed too long ago, then a complete oil change in the automatic transmission would be best . We can give any recommendations already at the place, seeing the condition of the oil


You can get acquainted with the prices for changing the oil in automatic transmissions.

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